Double Shot Interview with David Chaston of about Bean Soup

July 13, 2013 Stuart Bilbrough

I was approached by David Chaston who runs a provider of on-line business news for an interview on Bean Soup. I was stoked that he had asked. In the next couple of weeks the book will start being marketed for a period through the

I must admit to thinking these interview things should be pretty straight forward. For me it’s the first time. Thinking that I know my subject and Bean Soup so well there was unlikely to be any question I’d not be able to answer with authority and passion.

WRONG! The following is the link to the interview on YOUTUBE.

If it doesn’t connect then this may be due to a quick update being completed 15th July through 19th July. It starts off well but by the time we got to the third question my lack of preparation starts to become noticeable. By the 5th minute I’m thinking to myself “If I say ‘value’ one more time I’ll scream. Hasten to say I screamed!!

Note to self – ask for questions in advance and PREPARE even if you think you know the subject backwards.

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