Beyond Financial Control article in New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants Journal magazine

August 05, 2013 Stuart Bilbrough

Over the next couple of months I have three articles going into NZICA’s Journal magazine. They run consecutively as each builds on the other.  I have added “next steps” to the articles with the objective of getting a reader to engage. The articles are more discussion orientated therefore the next steps aim to continue the discussion with the one inviting the reader to join a discussion on the NZICA’s LinkedIn Group.

This month the discussion question is titled, “What really is adding value in your organisation?”

It is in the In August’s edition and titled, “Beyond Financial Control (p. 34 – 35).” This month’s topic discusses the expectation on our CFO’s and their Finance team to move beyond core transactional accounting and partner the business and add value.

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