Want a Motivated and Engaged Team? Tell Them Everything!

September 16, 2013 Stuart Bilbrough

………………. well, nearly everything.

Last week I was interviewed for an article in CPA Australia’s online magazine, “In The Black Digital.” The topic was “Develop a high-performing finance team” and to promote the up and coming 2013 CPA Congress.

The following link is the whole article and includes comment from Ken Christie, CFO at the BNZ. Interestingly the journalist, Alia Parker, makes similar comparison between what the BNZ did in their transformation to what we did at Radius Residential Care. One being communication and the other a higher level on in-house training than external training. One difference though is the BNZ’s 5-year journey to successfully transform. Scale, of course, dictate the timeframe. Smaller organisations can do this much more quickly and the key point to the book, “Bean Soup – Beyond Bean Counting – Steps for Lifting a Finance Function Towards Adding value.”

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