‘Bean Counter’ view of accountants holding back entrepreneurs – A CIMA sponsored report out of the UK. Is this the same in New Zealand?

October 15, 2013 Stuart Bilbrough

The article starts, “This is a report on the findings of a CIMA sponsored study of the management accounting practices of SMEs. Contributors to the management accounting literature have suggested that failure or under performance of SMEs is often due to their failure to utilise appropriate management accounting tools.”

Like the UK, SME organisations are the backbone of the New Zealand economy. Are they too being held back due to a lack of support or even understanding in what their accountant can and should be providing?” What are other’s thoughts? How well do the NZ professional bodies – NZICA & CPA – promote what to expect to NZ’s SME’s? Shouldn’t this also include moving accountants if the service isn’t being provided.

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