I will be presenting three sessions for CPA Australia called “Bean Soup for Breakfast.” The Part One will be held 27th March 2014

February 19, 2014 Stuart Bilbrough

Bean Soup for Breakfast – Part One – is the first of three sessions that will provide you with a toolkit of valuable yet logical steps for lifting a Finance function skill set towards adding value.

The sessions, based on the book Bean Soup – Beyond Bean Counting – Steps for Lifting a Finance function Skill Set Towards ‘Adding Value,’ will explain the steps, including a series of interconnected training courses, how to adapt to your organisation and provide templates that support these steps.

The first session will explain:

  1. The changing requirements of Finance to provide more decision support and the challenges of balancing this with day to day accounting and compliance, and
  2. The first of four foundation skills, ‘The Data – Validation and Control,’ that reminds us of the need to eliminate material error, avoid surprise and provide assurances that data integrity is correct and complete.

Bean Soup for Breakfast is suitable for any Finance professional whether heading a Finance function or an aspiring CPA looking at how to provide more value. These sessions help provide the foundation for taking a Finance function beyond financial control.

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