Key Skills for Adding Value Part 4: The Value – Financial Planning and the Strategic Plan

July 22, 2014 Stuart Bilbrough

This is the fourth of six articles that look at how to transform a company’s Finance function into an effective business partner and provider of value.

The first three articles discussed the foundation skills required of a Finance team before they can effectively add value and applicable to any Finance team supporting an SME, not for profit, Government or large multi-national organisation.

All organisations should have an expectation that their Finance teams add value and contribute to the business they support.

This expectation should not rest with just the CFO and their management accountants. It should include the likes of accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and core accounting, all of which have historically been considered transactional support and largely invisible to the  organisation. 

You can read the article here - The Value – Where the true value is added

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