Try Bean Soup

Who Will Find this book of most use?

The target is CFO’s (or whatever the Head of Finance designation is in your organisation) as gatekeepers to the Finance teams of small-to-medium sized organisations.

This book should also find value with aspiring Finance professionals looking to qualify as CA, CPAs, etc., worldwide. It will assist in developing the culture of value early.

Also CEOs/MDs and Boards of Directors and senior decision-makers from other departments within an organisation as it will help them understand the support they should be getting from their Finance teams. If they’re not then this book may be for them.

What’s the book all about?

The book is written as a fiction story that captures non-fiction issues encountered in many Finance functions.

The story follows Callum Dangerfield, a newly appointed CFO at the Haven Hotel Group. It follows what he does to move his team from a Finance team doing largely transactional, compliance and financial accounting process towards greater value adding business support.

Callum identifies the vision for his team – to provide more assistance to the business they support. He does this by providing them with the skills through a series of training sessions focused on the need to add more value.

How can this book help?

The objective of this book is to provide Finance teams with a resource that helps them identify skills gaps and then help close them through interconnected training sessions.

More than just another business book, Bean Soup is a complete training toolkit that captures a framework of interconnected training sessions that provide the stepping stones for lifting a Finance function skill set towards a ‘value adding’ team. At the very least it is a ‘value check.’ This book takes a Finance team beyond bean counting.